Everything you need to know before investing in core hr software

What should you look for in HR software? Top Features of HR Software Employee Database. Even the smallest companies need to keep track of their people. … Time & Attendance Management. … Payroll Management. … Benefits Management. … Self-Service Employee Portals. … ?Absence & Leave Management. … Reporting. … Performance Management. What are the factors … Read more

Employee offboarding checklist you can’t afford to ignore

What should offboarding include? The employee offboarding process in 9 steps Thank the leaving employee. And congratulate them! … Communicate about the departure. … Ensure a knowledge transfer. … Recover company assets. … Revoke systems access. … Hold an exit interview. … Update your organizational charts. … Don’t forget about the payroll! What is one … Read more

Don’t underestimate the power of recruitment automation

Why is recruitment automation important? Recruitment automation enables recruiters to work more efficiently. Tools and platforms streamline menial tasks across all stages of the hiring process, allowing teams to focus their efforts on assessing a candidate’s true fit for the company and role. Can recruitment be automated? Recruiting automation is a category of technology that … Read more

Essential features of an effective performance appraisal system

What are the five essential features of an effective management system? All five component processes (i.e., planning, monitoring, developing, rating, rewarding) work together and support each other, resulting in natural, effective performance management. What are the main features of performance management system? The Top 8 Features to Look for in a Performance Management System Features … Read more

Essential components of human resource management

What are the main components of human resource management? 5 major functions of human resource management Recruitment. … Induction. … Working Environment. … Staff Relations. … Staff Development. What are the 4 components of human resources? according to Decenzo and Robbins HRm is a process consisting of four functions – acquisition, development, motivation, and maintenance. … Read more